2nd Annual Snow Flake Walk

December the 8th 2013 to take part in the Second Annual Snowflake Walk to End Bullying. This walk serves to raise awareness to today’s ongoing bullying battle and raise funds for the desperately needed anti-bullying resource centres and community education. Together, we as a community can make a WORLD of difference, one step at a time.

For more information go to http://www.snowflakewalk.com

Challenge Days

Imagine a community where enemies find their common ground and make peace; where friends heal past hurts and make amends; where young people ignite their passion for service and leadership; where adults and youth alike join hands to create a community where everyone feels safe, loved, and celebrated. This is the work of the heart. This is the work of challenge Day.

Challenge Days work is about teaching young people that they are not victims. They are the heroes they have been waiting for. As an organization Challenge Day have committed themselves to demonstrating that all young people (everywhere) can have the schools, communities and lives of their dreams.

If you are interested in Challenge Day for your school, community group, sports team let us know, we can help. 

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